Is real estate the best investment?
Higher risk, higher return – this theory never fails and has been a core belief of many investors for centuries. Although gold is subject to speculation and volatility, people buy gold to diversify risk and ease liquidity. Foreign currency exposes to risks such as high leverage and volatility, nevertheless, it is still a preferred way of investment because of its large and liquid market, diversification and potentially low costs. The foreign exchange market is the world's largest financial market. Stocks and bonds are good alternatives too. But do these investment tools ensure long-lasting security?
For long-term, real estate is greater for investment; it generates an ongoing passive income and an exponential increase in value over time. Being insensitive to inflation, the returns of investment in real estate increase during the time when the values of home and rent arise easing the difficulty of payback mortgage debt. To invest for higher returns, there needs to invest where the most profitable. According to Forbes, the price of a luxury apartment in London, New York, and Hong Kong has reached a new milestone going beyond seven US dollars figures. In London, a recent study found that the £1 million plus sold properties that were flats has the highest proportion in the price bracket. 96% of the million-pound apartments sales last year were in London; Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster top the list as the most expensive residential areas in London.
Closer to home – Bangkok, named as a city of angel, has long been known for its cultural diversity, vibrant nightlife and fast-paced urban development. After more than two decades since the financial crisis engulfed Thailand, Bangkok is picking up with growth in tourism and investment. According to the latest research of CBRE, the capital of Thailand is seeing an influx of investors from Hong Kong, Singapore and China into real estate market, making it a new hub for investment in luxury properties. Demand for prime sites remains strong with developers continue to acquire potential sites. Central business district land prices are increasing. In the luxury condominium market, Thai purchasers are still dominant. Based on sales by CBRE in 2017, local buyers accounted for more than 75% of transactions for new luxury downtown Bangkok condominium properties.
In recent years, Bangkokians have seen a rising of super-luxury real estate driven by condominiums and villas segment. Wireless, Langsuan, and Chidlom remain the most expensive postcodes in Bangkok. These addresses witness the highest density of super-luxury residential developments; units are being sold fast. Local purchases in this segment remain strong, mainly for investment. Local developers also target foreigners. An influx of foreign money is among many reasons that push up prices at Bangkok’s top-tiered projects. According to the statistics shown by Bangkok’s Real Estate Information Center, in the fourth quarter of 2017, the luxury condominium segment outpaced other real estate market segment in Bangkok. Without a moment’s thought, wealthy foreign buyers and locals willingly accept the price tag of nearly 500,000 Baht per square meter. The investment returns must be foreseen great. This super-luxury real estate is a good investment alternative as the struggling stock or fluctuated foreign currency market caused by the uncertainty of the international market that makes investors rethink their plans.
What makes Central Lumpini the best location in Thailand?
Central Lumpini is where the city’s most elites aspire to live. It comprises Wireless, Langsuan, and Chidlom. These are the top three most expensive postcodes in Bangkok where the city’s super-luxury real estate projects located. Each neighborhood is unique with its own characteristics. Wireless has long been known as a diplomatic district while Langsuan is famous for its vibrant energy with trendy bars and Michelin-rated restaurants. Chidlom rises above as a perfect combination of residence and commercial developments. This location is ideal for investment. A square meter could surpass 500,000 Baht benchmark. The biggest real estate trading in Thai history was here when the British Embassy in Bangkok sold its 25-rai land on Wireless road for 18.7 billion Baht; this is equal to 2.2 million Baht per square yard. The futuristic mixed-use property connected to Central Embassy on the former land of the British Embassy expects to further increase the value of this area.
Besides investment value, what makes Central Lumpini the best location in Thailand is the living that is a real retreat from which to explore the old charm and modernity of the city. Wireless, Langsuan, and Chidlom are the central districts of Bangkok where vibrant energy infused through endless journeys of retail and dining experiences. The oldest branch of Central Department Store opened its doors here that revolutionized the way Bangkokians shopped. Six decades later, Central Embassy is introduced with the latest retail concept where infinite possibilities are made. Satisfy your retail appetite with world-renowned international luxury brands, from Bottega Veneta to Ralph Lauren and home-grown design talents, from S'uvimol to BOYY. Central Lumpini is also home to Thailand’s few Michelin-rated restaurants.
Taste the art of gastronomy and treasure every precious moment with loved one at these fine dining restaurants. At night, Central Lumpini takes pride in delivering vibrant urban nightlife that is a resemblance of the hip and trendy Thonglor and Ekamai areas. Chidlom is a home to a few of Thailand’s award-winning rooftop bars and pubs. Unwind after a stressful day at work with best-selling cocktails or a glass of classy Martini. The neighborhood of Wireless, Langsuan, and Chidlom is next to Lumpini park – the green lung of the city where you enjoy the early morning hours with leisure walk and fresh air surrounded by beautiful nature.
Central Lumpini is also well-known for its convenience of transportation, making your everyday an ease to enjoy. For public transportation, it is well-connected to both MRT (Lumpini station) and BTS (Ploenchit and Chidlom station). These stations are your gateway to Bangkok's most happening shopping, dining and entertainment scenes throughout Silom and Sukhumvit lines. For private transportation, it is easily connected to Rama IV, Ratchaprasong, Pratunam and Sukhumvit road. The nearby highways conveniently bring you anywhere you want in Bangkok.
A jewel that shines
Soon to become the newest icon of the city, #28Chidlom is your beginning to luxury and impeccable living at Central Lumpini. Uniquely developed by SC Asset – a prestigious and respected property developer in Thailand, #28Chidlom is a highly-anticipated real estate project in almost a decade at Chidlom road, and perhaps might be the last one. In Bangkok, a sought-after location is as rare as finding a needle in a haystack. Comprised of two buildings with 47 floors and 427 units in total, #28Chidlom is an ultimate symbol of status.
Creating a new height of luxury living, various types of apartments are introduced for your utmost level of comfort. Indulge in a cozy personal space of one-bedroom units or treasure precious moments in a warm ambiance of two-bedroom units. Among all purchases, two-bedroom units remain a popular choice for Thai families and expats.
For privileged Thai families, owning a downtown condominium is not a rare investment these days. Many of them are businesspeople whose daily routine involves around the city center. During weekdays, they preferred to stay close to their work-place than spending time commuting around the city. With a close proximity to public transportation or commercial developments, it is more convenient ever today to commute around the city when needed. Many of these apartment owners are senior and they enjoy the luxury of living nearby their workplace. With the ease of maintenance, condominium remains a good alternative for city livings.
Convenience also extends to family members. For elders, #28Chidlom is near Lumpini Park, the most popular exercise spot of Bangkokians. They could exercise in the morning or just take leisure walks around the lake and enjoy the feeling of fresh air.
For wives, #28Chidlom is the perfect location in the heart of downtown Bangkok. Ladies are just minutes away from world-class retail, café and restaurant. For daughters, there are an array of prestigious schools and universities such as Mater Dei, an outstanding girls’ school, or Chulalongkorn University, a well-respected higher educational institution in Thailand. It’s an investment that your next generations can reap benefits from.
For high-income expats, Ploenchit, Wireless, and Chidlom have long been considered their second home. Most of the international companies’ offices located in this neighborhood spanning from Ploenchit to Wireless and Chidlom. There is also a big community of expats working and living in these neighborhoods. Some even brought their families along when came to Thailand for work. Understanding the challenge of commute in every morning, most expats prefer to live and work near their workplace. Expats' community has contributed much to the cultural diversity of Ploenchit, Wireless, and Chidlom. Catering to the needs of high-income expats, local purchasers see great investment potential in real estate projects in these areas. With lucrative returns on rental fees of apartments, #28Chidlom is a definite investment choice.
If you value safety and privacy as top priorities, T2A-1 or T2A-1M units are definitely the ones. Spanning about 73 square meters in sizes, these two units offer everything that matches your personal lifestyle. Designed for an utmost privacy, the walls are not next to other units. To make you feel like living at home, each unit has its own doorway. A rare gem that rises above the landmark, these units offer staggering views. Full-height windows are made with double insulated glass that protects your units from heat and noise. Natural sunlight shines through the windows that awake you in the morning and lulls you to sleep in the afternoon.
At #28Chidlom, interior designs are taken into a new height. Refined details are throughout living space. All residential units are fully fitted, fusing function and aesthetic that is at the core of design philosophy. Premium-grade quality materials add a fine luxurious experience. Furniture is carefully selected for its beauty and uniqueness of the unit owner. Classy and stylish are the main tone set in the kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom.
The price of 350,000 Baht per square meter is a great investment compared to other major cities in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan. The luxury property market in Bangkok is similar to Hong Kong several years ago, and we see the pattern that keeps increasing. Today, luxury condominiums in Hong Kong are 1.5 – 3 million baht per square meter. Condominium prices in Thailand are not likely to go that far but they are forecasted to exceed 500,000 Baht per square meter within 5 years.
Some condominiums on Wireless Road have already reached that price. Even less than expected, investors can already make great profits when the price point reaches 450,000 Baht per square meters. For a unit that is “One of the best units in the city”, 22 million Baht is an attractive deal. Once completed, the price expects to top 30 million Baht. #28Chidlom is worth your investment whether for living in or reselling. It would be a great gift for the next generation because in the near future Central Lumpini will become a neighborhood that money can’t buy.
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