Three Chidlom natives and a story of fulfilling lives
An icon that rises above landmarks
Chidlom is close to the heart of Bangkokians. It is a landmark where old buildings adjacent to metropolitan icons. For few that are truly privileged, they call it home. For the rest, it is a destination of self-indulgence with stunning shopping malls, Michelin-rated restaurants, world-class hotels & offices, prestigious schools and international hospitals. For years, this neighbourhood remains a stylish touch to this charming metropolis.
Great convenience, unique identity & excellent facilities make a life at Chidlom a remarkable journey. For privileged ones, Chidlom is an iconic neighbourhood that rivals the world’s greatest postcodes, from Fifth Avenue (New York) to Knightsbridge (London). It is a place of great memories where they grew up in a beautiful community, be inspired by the story of the fast-paced urban development and called this special place home after years living abroad.
Through the eyes of three Chidlom natives who pursue different passions in life, these A-listers share mutual strings calling Chidlom their precious homes. They don’t just #ChooseChidlom by chance but #ChooseForMore.
Timeless Charm
Nicha, the heiress to Jintana lingerie business and a successful owner of luxury art fashion brand NICHA, keeps the memory of Chidlom in a special place in her heart where she studied at her alma mater Master Dei. Back in those days, Nicha Thanalongkorn spent most of her daytime at school and walked through lovely sidewalks after classes. As time goes by, she recalls those great old days at her private oasis at #28Chidlom, a place where she has felt attached to since the beginning as a young girl.
Chidlom has everything Nicha Thanalongkorn ever wanted in her future home. “I think the signature of Chidlom is its classic charm. It is warm and inviting. It is not too urban but has all the lifestyle offerings. It is also great for an investment” – she shared. The beauty of this charming neighbourhood comes from simple things - the footpath that leads to Park, the green lung of Bangkok, or a unique scene of urban lifestyle.
As an entrepreneur, convenience is everything Nicha Thanalongkorn enjoys in her daily life. #28Chidlom gives an easy & convenient commute to office and shops. “Being at Bangkok’s centre, it is very convenient to go from here to Siam, Ratchaprasong, Ploenchit, Wireless or Sathorn. These are the areas where I spend my time at. My office is on Sathorn Road, so Chidlom makes a great transportation hub for me. I can also go to Phetchaburi and Asok, or head to Sathorn and Silom. It is also near Lumpini Park. I think it is more appealing than Siam because it is not too busy” – She said.
Think Chidlom as a woman. Nicha Thanalongkorn imagines her to have versatile characteristics. While its strategic location gives her an unparalleled access to central business and financial districts, this neighbourhood is also where leisure is taken to new heights with shopping malls, dining experiences and hip bars. Chidlom reminds the multi-faceted character of a woman who is smart, hard-working and independent.
Unique Identity
Apinara Srikarnchana, the oldest daughter of Srikarnchana family and co-founder of start-up enterprise “U Drink I Drive” grew up in Chidlom. Just like this neighbourhood – a shining jewel of Bangkok, Srikarnchana has a charming smile that lifts the dull days. Although having lived in Japan for several years, Srikarnchana always treasured her fond memories of Chidlom. She saw the resemblances between Chidlom and Ginza, Tokyo, two great neighbourhoods where she spent her early life, with both offered her with convenient access and world-class facilities. Still, what makes Chidlom unique is the wealth of childhood memories which Apinara Srikarnchanahad formed since a young girl. This is what Chidlom has that Ginza cannot rival.
“Chidlom is a place of fond memories. Studying, singing, dining, shopping, everything took place here. I grew up in this neighbourhood because my parents have worked in this area for 20 years now. When I was little, on my birthdays, my mother took me to shop here, and not too long ago, I went to buy a dress to join my friend’s wedding” – Apinara Srikarnchana recalled.
A neighbourhood where old buildings adjacent to new developments and business and leisure are intertwined making Chidlom a unique community. Chidlom has everything to offer and everything Apinara Srikarnchana want is at #28Chidlom. “I think Chidlom is unique and one of a kind. It has everything, and no matter how many years have gone by, it still remains a place that attracts everyone” – She shared.
Infinite Best
Similar to her counterparts, there must be a reason that makes Munchumas Nambenjapol, a fashion designer and creative director of Munchu, to fall in love with Chidlom. “I like how it is luxurious but warm and not too chaotic. It has a family feel but located in the heart of the city. I came here a lot ever since I was a child. I think it is a quality area – the size is not too big, and it is easier to explore than Siam. It is also very convenient because it is close to everything. It is at the centre of Bangkok” – Munchumas shared.
While much of Bangkok is ultramodern, filled with high-rise buildings, Chidlom remains a hidden gem of the city. As an alumnus of Central Saint Martins, Munchumas Nambenjapol never feels closer to London living at Chidlom. She sees a mutual string in which Chidlom and Knightsbridge are attached. They are both exclusive neighbourhoods all elites aspired to be; their charms are in their elegance landscape and an abundance of world-renowned shopping malls, prestigious hotels and restaurants. “Chidlom is the definite best” – she added.
Munchumas Nambenjapol doesn’t just #ChooseChidlom by chance but #ChooseForMore. It is the most sought-after postcode in Bangkok for investment. #28Chidlom is a shining jewel of the city. Munchumas Nambenjapol enjoys the infinite convenience of close proximities to Central Chidlom; it reminds her of Harrods in London. It takes just a few minutes to walk to Central Embassy and Central World where she sees as a reminiscence to Covent Garden, London. For her ease of transportation, Chidlom BTS station is a few steps away from her apartment. These luxury conveniences make her living an infinite best.
Special Privileges
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