Calico, the New York's renowned design company from Brooklyn is here for you at SALADAENG ONE condominium #SaladaengOne #TheOneThatMatters

Calico Wallpaper, a world-renowned New York-born brand, has partnered with SC Asset to produce exclusively two exquisite patterns – Aurora and Oceania for SALADAENG ONE. Employing intricate techniques such as Shibori and Ombré, elements of exclusive Silom neighborhood, Lumpini Park, and Bangkok Sunset are woven into Aurora and Oceania pattern that adorn living space.

Staying true to its philosophy – The One That Matters, SC Asset has assembled some of the world’s most well-established interior design brands, from furniture to amenities, to bring different aspects of design aesthetics to SALADAENG ONE. Calico Wallpaper is amongst leading brands in the home furnishing marketplace to adorn two exclusive units that leave residents with an uplifting feeling of joy and liveliness.

At the beginning of the project, artists of Calico Wallpaper had studied extensively the story of SALADAENG ONE. They were on a quest to explore unique elements that construct this true one-of-a-kind jewel of Bangkok. To capture the signature of the neighborhood, inspirations were drawn from Silom, Lumpini Park, and Bangkok Sunset. Each element portrays different stories that help create exotic patterns – Aurora and Oceania installed in two units at SALADAENG ONE.

A privilege of an exclusive living at the heart of the city at Silom was interpreted from the concept “Timeless Luxury”. Representing delicate materials of aluminum composite for façade and white marble patterns, the choice of black and white color are intertwined to create a simple yet, elegant and sophisticated living.

Rising above the city skyline, SALADAENG ONE offers an unparalleled and immense view of Lumpini Park – the green lung of Bangkok. Inspired by the shady tree and cool lake, green and greyish blue are main tones that help reimagine the beauty of Lumpini Park.

When dawn comes, SALADAENG ONE, through its aluminum-made façade, reflects the beauty of Bangkok’s charming sunset sky. This inspiring element is reworked through color gradient dying technique to create luxurious yet relaxing mood for the eyes and soul of residents.

The creation of Aurora pattern is inspired by the horizons at dawn and the phenomena of light. It explores the emotions expressed by different timing and lighting of the sky. Each pattern is truly an artwork suspended in liquid and transferred by hand to organic linen. It was developed from extensive research of the arts of fabric dying that inspired by Shibori and Ombré techniques. Shibori is well-known as one of the oldest Indigo dying techniques in Japan; it was most popular in the early Edo period. In Calico’s artwork, with the assistance of Ombré technique and careful application, beautiful sunset moment is reimagined through distinctive shades, ranging from simple to complex and delicate to bold, that reflect the ever-changing sky.

Equally intricate, Oceania and Cirrus pattern fulfill the dream to escape the city’s chaotic and bustling scene to arrive in a tranquil oasis surrounded by oceans. Oceania is decorated in the living room whereas Cirrus gives beautiful touches to the bedroom. Calico’s artists explored techniques of submersion and evaporation which will create a mottled, uneven effect when dyeing fabric.

Oceania pattern invites residents to experience the depth and mystery of the ocean. This process began with a series of watercolor washes then scattered with salt. The purpose of using salt is to dissolve and leave crystalline traces as if it captures the soft texture of the seawater. The fluidity of forms gives residents an immersion into underwater landscapes.

Cirrus pattern evokes the beauty of clouds through the language of hand-painting watercolors. Utilizing the simplest forms of materials, Calico’s artists gradually transform minimal hues, choosing subtle textures and patterns, to achieve formation and dissolution of clouds against an abstract horizon. Describing the elusive and ever-changing nature of clouds, it is a metaphor that describes the perpetual state of transition of our bodies, minds, and lives as we flow with grace and live our lives to the fullest.

Established in New York in 2013 by creative duos Rachel and Nick Cope, Calico Wallpaper aims to bring art beyond its traditional frame and made it the art of interior spaces. Being mastheads of Calio Wallpaper, Rachel and Nick Cope dare to experiment with re-appropriation, enlargement, and digitalization of traditional art forms that help create one-of-the-kind wall murals. Background and foreground are blended through texture, color, and pattern creating an immersive environment that reflects the mood, identity, and personalization.

Since its inception, Calico has been covered by world's leading publications such as BRIT+CO, Wallpaper, NY Times and ELLE Deco. The partnership between Calico Wallpaper and SC Asset are proven “Great Minds Think Alike” to create possibilities of art-inspired living space that reflects individual taste that inspires and invigorates the backdrops of our lives.