The finest condo of the year is coming - SALADAENG ONE. A super-luxury condominium.

This 24-25 March, 2018, the public can finally pay a visit at a real premise of SALADAENG ONE, a super-luxury condominium on the rarest location in Soi Saladaeng 1.

This freehold project with prime location, stunning view of Lumpini park, has struck investors' attentions since the start in 2015. Notwithstanding, SALADAENG ONE was not only created to be a luxurious residence, but also to be "a true home destination". It is a condominium of international's standard and uncompromised details - planned and designed in harmony with no boundaries between its interiors and exteriors.

SALADAENG ONE - The one that truly matters condominium

For the eyes of the public, the building was aspired to be a one-of-a-kind urban art piece in terms of architectural aesthetics. The building itself was made to radiate timeless beauty and stillness to the city. As well as, reflecting sophistication of the residents. Under the concept "THE ONE THAT MATTERS", SALADAENG ONE is a product of exceptional quality and delicate details.

The concept "Timeless Beauty in Stillness" was interpreted into its unique horizontal design with façade treatment. Finest aluminum composite with white marble patterns were layered up to invoke elegance and timelessness. In between each layer of façade, installed large windows on every units, creating different natural light reflection at each time of the day.

Luxury of space. Luxury of details. Luxury of material.

The interior is no less detailed than the exterior. Intricate space planning makes time "inside" a truly decent and private time. To maximize the positive experience of indoor living, SC ASSET looks at "space" as a form of luxury. One bedroom is 55 square meters with 8.1 meters frontal width. Living room is 4.5 meters wide, much larger market's norms.

SC ASSET is strongly detailed in space management, which is one of the most important aspect of condominium living. Storage rooms were carefully designed to be compatible with other elements in the room. This one detail allows residents to enjoy more space without sacrificing any comfort.

In alignment with exterior marble design, inside hall and interior were decorated with black and white marbles and natural stones. Each piece was laid by highly experienced craftsmen. Quality of material was never compromised to create seamless and harmonious environment.

"There are 250 types of bathrooms and none of those are the same. Each living room is different and has different details. The materials chosen also require lots of delicacy such as imported marbles which need special care." SC ASSET proudly expressed.

Exclusive full view of Lumpini, Chao Praya River and Bangkok Metropolis

With a selective location, close to Lumpini Park (only 120 meters), 60% of the building is accessible to beautiful views. Residents can sit on the spacious edges of 3-meters tall Bay View windows to indulge the immense view of Lumpini's greenery, the glistering view of Chao Praya River, and the view of Bangkok Metropolis.

Serve work-life balance lifestyle

Surrounded by Sathorn and Silom financial districts, SALADAENG ONE was meant to serve work-life balance lifestyle with a versatile neighborhood; shopping malls, 5-Stars hotels, embassies, hospitals, offices, and fine dining spots. This one-of-a-kind residence is only 80 meters from Rama IV Road, easy to be accessed from Silom Road and Sathorn Road. Also, close to Lumpini MRT station, Silom MRT station, and Saladaeng BTS station.

SALADAENG ONE is THE ONE THAT MATTERS and could be once-in-a-lifetime asset to be owned by you. SC ASSET is honored to introduce you to the finest condominium of the year. Be the first one to experience SALADAENG ONE at the open house event between 24-25 March, 2018.