New toys for young millionaires

The more you collect, the more value you accrue

Anyone can collect. But some people, notably young millionaires, only choose to collect things that are truly valuable. And the value of those things they collect increases as time goes by. Those things include gems, gold and stocks. Items that are gaining popularity among young millionaires today are stylish and rare. The more they collect, the more value they generate. Let's take a look at some of those new collectables favoured by young millionaires today.

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1. Branded bags: These are things that the young female millionaire must possess. Apart from being a rare product of which there are few in the world, the demand and values for these bags will increase as time goes by. For example, Hermès Himalayanseries is a luxurious bag that is listed as the most expensive in the world. The materials used to make this bag include white crocodile skin, meticulously selected by Hermès. To make the crockodiles' stomach skin smoother, the crocodile is matched with premium grade marble from Italy. The price of this bag will also give high returns on investment. The price in 2012 stood at around 2 million baht and increased to about 4 million baht in 2014. Owners of this bag not only possess a thing of beauty but gain an investment for their future.

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2. Watches: Watches are another of the most popular collectables among young millionaires. For example, Rolex is a symbol of success for men. Rolex Daytona 6263 with its black watch dial is a very rare limited edition. After a recent auction at Christie's in Geneva, Switzerland, the price of the Rolex Daytona 6263 rose to US$1.2 million or almost 39 million baht. For young millionaires, watches not only serve as a tool for telling the time but are "symbols of values" in which the price keeps rising as time passes.

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3. Super cars: Super cars are another collectable favoured by young millionaires due to their rarity and eye-catching looks. These kinds of car can also be sold for more than they are purchased for. To qualify as a classic sports car there must be innovation in engineering and design according to each era. For example, Lamborghini Veneno, a special edition Lamborghini of which only nine cars were manufactured, has a starting price of US$4.5 million or around 146 million baht, making it the most expensive car in the world in 2014.

4. Real estate: Real estate is a collectable young millionaires often buy for speculation. And if the property is in an exclusive location, demand for it will respectively increase. For example, 135W52 NYC luxury condo is located in the heart of New York City and surrounded by convenient transportation, with proximity to Central Park, the huge green space, and popular roads like Fifth Avenue. If thinking about real estate located in a prime location in Bangkok, preferably near Lumpini Park, one thinks of “Saladaeng One”. The luxurious new development is located on Saladaeng Soi 1, just 120 metres from Lumpini Park, 80 metres from Rama IV main road, and near BTS and MRT stations. It is also located in the Central Business District of Bangkok, surrounded by office buildings, 5-6 star hotels, great restaurants, popular entertainment venues and foreign embassies. Today, buying real estate is not just for living purposes but for collecting because the value keeps increasing going forward. So young millionaires' collectables not only have high value and distinctive style today - their rarity and exclusivity guarantee their long-term investment value. As such, their price keeps increasing through the years. It's not the same as all the stuff that faces depreciation over time. It goes without saying that "the collections of young millionaires" vary according to each individual but are the same in that they offer long-term value and appreciation in an uncertain world. That is why the right collectables are not only a source of pleasure to young millionaires but impart a sense of optimism for the future.

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