SALADAENG ONE, an unrivalled lifestyle to the greatest cities of the world

At Saladaeng One, every inch matter. From elegant façade featuring horizontal slabs to seamlessly designed interiors, little detail describes your taste of sophisticated living. Staying true to its philosophy of excellence, the furniture brand Molteni&C (from Italy) was selected to adorn an exclusive 2-bedroom unit with paranomic view of Bangkok’s financial district. Infusing classic charms into modern living space, a selection of delicate furniture reflects an artful living that matters. Molteni&C, a special set of furniture in Saladaeng One, includes a rare Gio Ponti's own design. This carefully selected armchair reflects an exquisite expression of Gio Ponti, one of the most prominent designers of the twentieth century. His design is a combination of a devotion to excellent craftsmanship, the finest materials, synergy of classic aesthetic, and modern minimalism.

At the start of the project, Saladaeng One, developed by SC Asset, was aimed to become a prestigious address where connoisseurs call home. To achieve this vision, a team of architectures and interiors have worked collaboratively to curate the living art through a careful selection of the world’s finest exterior and interior design brands. Molteni&C is the latest one to join this exclusive project. Furnishing the ideal home in Molteni&C-style, meticulous chairs, sofa, glass-made table and shelves are placed creating a fluidity with which the ambiance and exquisite creations intersect one another and blend together in perfect harmony. Their shapes and colors complement the overall tone of interior design language throughout.

Minimalism is at the heart of the design philosophy at Saladaeng One. This selection of D.151.4 armchair summarizes the beauty of contemporary design and timelessness. This creation expresses Italian culture through a frame of simple design, elegant proportions as well as defining style and environment where it is placed. Excellent craftsmanship is reflected through the highest quality of sourcing and processing of raw materials, from wood, fabric and leather.

Comfort is a core value that distincts Saladaeng One from other condominiums. Interior architect went an extra length to create a new level of comfort with the Reversi sofa. Its design with adjustable back offers many positions — formality with the backrest supporting for the shoulder, reading with the ideal armrest, or relaxation with a deeper seat. Created by Hannes Wettstein, an esteemed Swiss designer who charms the world with his innovative and functionalism-centric creations, this classic Molteni&C sofa will lure you to sleep on a cozy night.

Functionality is vital to design concept across all units at Saladaeng One. From the horizontal façade that provides shades and great protections from rain and extreme sunlight to celling-to-floor windows that bring your living space closer to the outside nature, every detail is carefully planned to offer unbeatable convenience. Emphasizing on this concept of development, small tables with extra-light transparent crystal top and bookshelf are ideal for displaying collectible items. Both creations underline the interest of Ron Gilad, a Tel Aviv native, in simplified geometric shapes with see-through structure, of which we can only see the contours.

The collaboration between Molteni&C and SC Asset affirms Saladaeng One as a place where excellences meet and the art of living reached a new pinnacle. Fulfil your aspiration of tasteful and sophisticated living with signature furniture created by a team of world-renowned designers from Molteni&C. Experience the one-of-a-kind living environment where the tradition of excellent craftsmanship is melded with contemporary designs. It is not just a home, it is a journey where living can be only described as art.

Visit Saladeang One during 6th -7th Oct 2018 will be the first one to explore tastefully designed objects from the world-renowned Molteni&C exclusively for SC Asset. Register to live the legacy now at or call 1749